The Schedule For Shipping Dolls

We're finishing up the first batch of Virginia and Yolande.

We are grateful to all our customers for their patience and understanding, and are very pleased that many customers who have already received their dolls are happy.

Unfortunately, we can not send more than 10 dolls per month, we are not a factory and all dolls are made by hand and it is important for us that our customers receive fine quality dolls. We also make all the wigs, shoes and clothes that was ordered with the dolls. We really appreciate each of you and regret that we were not able to establish the correct waiting time in the first preorderers.

This year was very necessary for us to improve our dolls, their bodies, details, ball-jointed system and the way of casting. Thanks to this time you get beautiful and quality dolls, for us it is important that our dolls cost their expectations.

The final terms for shipping dolls:

  • Virginia Old and New (1 batch): all dolls will be sent until the middle of July.

  • Yolande (1 batch): all dolls will be sent before the end of August.

  • Black Friday 2017 Pre-Order: until the end of September

  • April 2018 Pre-Order: until the end of October.

Further waiting time for dolls will not be more than 4-6 months.

Now we are already working much faster. In the future, we will open pre-orders for new dolls or some old molds in limited quantity of 10 pieces. This way will be most convenient.

At this moment in parallel with the dolls, we make several hundred orders for wigs, it is also a hard work that we make without weekends.

I make all communication with customers since September 2017 and I have to answer dozens of messages per day, this inhibits the work on the dolls. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to write about delays in orders to each customer, but I always answer your messages.

So I ask, please, to be patient, I will answer you within a week. If you have not received an answer during this time, please do not take offense, but just remind me, maybe I missed your letter or it got into spam.

We really appreciate and love all our customers. This year we will solve all our difficulties with waiting time and delays will cease, since most orders were received when we had a larger staff. Now everything has changed and very soon we will catch up and all wigs and dolls will be made much faster.

Also in future we will create ready-made items and OOAK dolls for sale.

We thank you for your understanding and support!

Have a nice summer day!



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