Choose your Virginia: Old or New?

Dear friends,

This year comes to an end and Christmas is approaching, this is my favorite holiday, unfortunately, in our country it can not be officially celebrated, but that this day was always memorable in our family, December 25 - this is the anniversary of our wedding with Kate.

This year we experienced a lot of pain and disappointment, deception and slander, we lost those we loved and trusted unlimitedly, but despite all the losses and cruelty of people, we did not stop and made our Amadiz Angels dolls the way they are now. Since the summer, I really wanted to remake the Virginia sculpture, as well as I did with Magdalena. My skills became much better and I did not like the asymmetry of her face. But it took me a long time to create her sculpture anew, it was hard experiences that helped me to finally bring my girl to life, instead of trying to despair and regret myself, I worked hard. It's does not get easer, but I get stronger!

Besides the face, I have perfected the female body of Amadiz Angels, making a more detailed and anatomically correct back. Now her figure is better suited for a dancer. Now Virginia has become the way I wanted it to be. My lovely gentle ballerina. I hope you like it.

All our customers who ordered Virginia will have the opportunity to choose from two heads: Virginia Old or Virginia New. Below you can see the comparison of the prototype of these heads.

And blank Amadiz Angels Virginia New head:

All our customers will receive emails with this information, but you can write your solution right away as you read this newsletter.

Soon I will also prepare photos of the new body and tell about its improvements. Follow our updates.

So it turned out that until the last moment I did not know if I could make a new head and an improved anatomical torso or not, so my work influenced the speed of work on new silicone molds, I apologize, but I really want you to be really happy our dolls and they looked the way I dream. As an apology for the delay, all our customers receive a special coupon for a 15% discount on any purchases on our website. I am very grateful to all of you for your support and patience.

Sincerely yours,


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