Amadiz Angels Female Body Renew

As you already know, I improved the female body. It's hard for me to stop working on my dolls and all the time I want to improve them, I want dolls made for our customers to be very beautiful and bring them much joy.

This time I perfected the torso of the doll, making it more anatomical and detailed. I wanted to make this girl more elegant. The body became slimmer and thinner, more detailed.

I created new expressive hands, more tender and elegant, and changed the shape of the ballet legs to a more correct one.

I also made technical adjustments and made the walls of the parts thicker to avoid possible chipping. This body is my first work as a sculptor, and over time I began to see the shortcomings that occurred in the early stages of the work, and I preferred to correct any mistakes to create a really high-quality and beautiful doll. I hope you like it.

Because of this, we had to make new silicone molds, which would delay the dispatch of Virginia for about a month, but in January the first girls will already be in their new homes.

I once again thank all my customers for their understanding and patience and I remind that all buyers of our dolls will receive a special 15% discount coupon for any products on our website. The coupon will be sent by letter along with confirmation of sending the doll.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sincerely yours,


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