Magdalena Old & Magdalena New

Hello, dears!

As a beginner sculptor, I have to constantly work on my dolls. I have greatly improved my skills in sculpting over the past six months, and this has allowed me not only to create a new better version of the female body, but also the new version of Magdalena's head.

I changed the proportions of the face and made the head more realistic, now it looks more harmoniously with the new body. She finally looks as like as I imagine this woman.

I want to say thank you to all our customers. Thank you for your trust and your patience, and it is you who help me not stop on my way to excellence.

I always want to provide our customers with the best creations I am capable of at the given time. And I had offered a totally free opportunity to choose one of two presented heads –Magdalena Old and Magdalena New - to every owner of Magdalena. All customers have already made their choice, and first dolls are on the way to the owners already. All customers will receive their dolls during August, and we hope that every customer can enjoy the chosen results of my creativity.

Here are the differences in the sculpture of the faces of Magdalena Old (in the left side) and Magdalena New (in the right side):

You can see that my skills have increased significantly, and the new head of Magdalena suits to the body much better, that is why I have created the new head.

Now these two heads act as two separate molds - Magdalena Old and Magdalena New, and this information is added to the certificates of authenticity.

I also want to show you the photos, which were shown to the buyers of Magdalena, when they have made their choice.

With kind regards, Amadiz Studio CEO Georgy Ramensky

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