The Hearty Letter For Each Of You

Hello, dear friends!

My name is Georgy, I work as a sculptor at Amadiz Studio.

5 years ago, my beloved wife Kate and I bought our first bjd and the magic world of dolls carried us away. At first we could not sew, make wigs or shoes, do face-ups, we do not have art education, we did not learn to make patterns or resin casting, but we really wanted to make our own fantasies and dreams come true in these wonderful dolls. We have learned everything we can from scratch and completely by ourselves. Year after year we raised our level; we found our own know-how, devoting our lives to ball-jointed dolls.

As you know, seven months ago we started the production of our own dolls, which fully reflect our vision of the beautiful and convey our feelings. This is our opportunity to express our soul through art. But now we are at the very beginning of this difficult and long journey and do everything for the first time. We learn to make dolls, create skin tones, process details from scratch and do it from the best materials, so that these dolls fully satisfy our own taste and needs not only in beautiful design, but also in quality.

I created my first three dolls quite recently: Magdalena, Virginia & Yolande. Sometimes I spend 8-14 hours a day sculpting, and my skill is constantly improving, although I am also new to this business. Constantly improving my first work, I want them to get better and better, so in June I added changes to the Amadiz Angels Female Body. I made for this body much more detailed hands, heeled feet and flat feet. I really want all my customers to get dolls that are even more perfect than before. I hope you like them. Unfortunately, the corrections I made somehow influenced the production and shipping period of the ordered dolls, but for me and Kate it is very important that our dolls bring you joy and really become a worthy part of your collection.

On the eve of the release of Yolande, I would like to appeal to all our customers, fans and viewers who support us throughout all these years, with words of gratitude for your kindness, support and patience. We are very pleased that our dolls are bought by people from all over the world in their collection and we will look forward to their new images. It is interesting for us to look at our creations through the eyes of other talented people. As an answer, we will try our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of our creativity and that everything was fine from the doll itself to the packaging that we developed special for them for the first time. Now we look forward to receiving from the manufacturer company beautiful boxes to send out the first batch of Magdalenas. We apologize for the delay in sending them. But we are absolutely sure that all dolls will be sent before August 6th.

I am grateful to you for understanding and for the fact that we make this world more beautiful together.

And at the conclusion of this letter, I would like to show you some new photos of the female body of the Amadiz Angels Female Body. We will be happy to receive any feedback from you.

Feel free to contact us anytime, our email: Yours sincerely,

Amadiz Studio CEO & Head Dreamer

Georgy Ramensky

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