Amadiz Angels Male Body

Hello, dears!

We hasten to inform you that the pre-order period for Yolande doll has changed. The Pre-order period for limited BJD Yolande: July 20 - August 21, 2017.

This limited doll will have only 1 pre-order period, like all other our limited dolls. Besides, only 50 dolls will be available for order.

We want to give you an opportunity to make your choice from as many variations as possible. And that is why Yolande will be released on female body and on male body in 4 different skin tones. So you will have an opportunity to choose from 8 different types of Yolande.

You may see the new photos of Angels Male Body on our website.

Creating this doll we were inspired by some such famous androgynous models as Andrej Pejic, Cooper Thomson & Seth Atwell, whose unique beauty blurs the boundaries between masculinity and femininity, allowing the creation of images that do not know the sexual limitations. We wanted to create a doll that exists outside the stereotyped framework of how a man should be. This is a reminder that all people are different and beauty is in every person. Every person has the right to self-determination and can look like he or she likes. Amadiz Angels Male Body is thin and tall body with exquisite proportions, it is very flexible and livelike, which allows him to transfer the plasticity and expression of a young ballet dancer or belledance, figure skater or gymnast. It can be gentle and smooth, or wild and hot, sensual or airy. This is the body of a young man who loves art or sports, proud of his body, self-confident and invariably attracts the eyes of women and men.

We also glad to inform you that we will repeat the LUCKY10 event. On July 20 at 6 pm Moscow time (GMT + 3) thepre-order period of limited BJD Yolande: Young & Wild by Amadiz Studio will start. We are glad to inform you, that first 10 customers may get a 10% Discount for a doll (in a case of full payment only; this code couldn’t be used with a layaway option). Try to use a coupon code LUCKY10 to purchase this doll with a 10% discount and become one of the first 10 lucky owners of Yolande by Amadiz Studio for a lower price.

The doll has a height 65.5 cm in a flat feet, including a head, and 67 cm in a high heel feet, including a head. We made 3 types of feet for this body: flat, highheel and ballet. Flat and ballet feet you can see already today on our website. As for the feet for high heels, it will be demonstrated in the near future at our website, as well as the basic hands for a male doll. Right now at the website you may see the photo shows Amadeus hands, with graceful long fingers and expressive gestures of the dancer. Amadeus hands, ballet & high heel feet will be sold separately and as the additional options. This doll is created with love and great attention to detail, and we hope that you will also love it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: Or via the special form on our website. Best regards, Amadiz Studio

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