Custom Orders of Wigs Reopen

Hello, dears!

We are glad to inform you that we re-open custom orders of wigs.

How to make a custom order of wigs:

1. Just send a picture of hairstyles with colors you interested in, and we will tell you the price of the order. Our e-mail address is: 2. Please add an information about the sculpt name and a company of your doll.

Conditions: 1. When a custom wig is ready, we will send you the photos of it before shipping. 2. We will send a custom order only after the confirmation that you like the wig on photos. 3. We do not make a refund for custom orders (orders for individual designs).

4. If you do not like the result from the photo, we'll add the changes you want to add to the wig, and after it we will take photos of the wig for your again before shipping. We will make changes to the wig if they are needed until you are satisfied with the result. 5. Wigs can be accepted for alteration if their design does not meet the original technical task or the size didn't suit for your doll. But if you decide to change the design of hairstyle or the color for it (compared with the initial task assigned to work) after your order is accepted, these changes won't be added for free.

When making an order, you confirm that you are acquainted and agree with the terms of the order.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us: Or via the special form on our website.

Have a nice week! Amadiz Studio

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