Release of Virginia - Fragile Beauty

Tomorrow the sales period of limited BJD Virginia by Amadiz Studio will start.

Virginia is a limited doll and it will be available for order from April 28 to May 29. Besides, only 50 dolls available.

Sales will start at 6 pm Moscow time. Moscow time zone GMT + 3.

Virginia is a doll, which have a marvelous universal beauty. She can be various, harmonious and superb. Virginia can embody completely different images; she shines with her individuality and appeal. This BJD is a source of inspiration for her owner. Versatility of her appearance and extra-flexibility of her body can bring you lots of joy of creativity and owning this unique doll, made on a high level of detail.

We are glad to inform you, that first 10 customers may get a 10% Discount for a doll (in a case of full payment only; this code couldn’t be used with layaway option). Try to use a coupon code LUCKY10 to purchase this doll with a 10% discount and become one of the first ten lucky owners of Virginia by Amadiz Studio for a lower price.

Virginia has a height 60,5 cm on a flat feet and 63 cm on a high heel feet.

This doll with extra-flexible harmonious body has lots of default and additional options, such as 4 different skin colors (Chocolate, Peach Cream, Bisque and Milky), 3 bust sizes, 2 types of hips (flexible or static), 2 types of hands (standard and expressive), 3 types of feet (flat feet and high heel feet are included to a standard order, ballet feet can be purchased separately), besides you may add a sanding service, make up and body blushing services to your order. In addition you may purchase the wigs (Virginia’s size is 8-9”), outfits and shoes for this BJD at our website.

We offer a layaway system of 4 payments for 3 months as well. If you want to use a layaway option, please, use a coupon code DOLL_LAYAWAY and your 1st payment will be 25% only.

You may find full and detailed information about Virginia at the doll’s selling pages on special subsections, such as Product Options, Product Info, Layaway Terms and etc.

All information about a doll’s body you may find at our website at the page About Angels Body.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions:


Amadiz Studio.

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