Angels Body - Full Renewal

Greetings, dears! We are glad to present you a full renewal of Amadiz Angels doll's body. Hours of painstaking work and concentration, our vision of beauty and the desire to give greater mobility were invested into this beautiful renewed body. The new version of body is much more flexible and harmonical, it looks much more realistic and the detalisation of new body is made on a qualitatively new level.

A new doll Virginia will be released soon this Spring on a new version of Amadiz Angels body. ballet feet and expressive arms, which you can see on the new photos of master model, will be sell separately.

You will have an opportunity to choose one of three sizes of bust for the new body - small, medium or large breasts of Amadiz Angels body. You may see a medium bust on the new photos. You also will have an opportunity to choose one of two types of hips for the new body - flexible or static. Besides, there will be a choice of 4 different skin colors – ivory, peach cream, bisque and chocolate. The comparasment photos of all three sizes of bust, two types of hips and four skin colors will be shown soon.

Feel free to contact us here or via email, if you have any questions:

Best regards, Amadiz Studio.

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