Results for the Photo-Contest

Today is a special day. Our Photo-contest is over!

First of all, we thank all participants for their activity and amazing pictures! Every one of them was very beautiful; it was difficult for us to choose winners among so many terrific contestants.

We’d like also to announce that such photo-contest isn’t the last one on our web-site. Those who didn’t make it to take part in it with your photos of dolls with wigs from the “Amadiz Studio”, will certainly have this opportunity in times to come.

Well then, it’s time for winners to come forward!

3rd place winner – Rhonda Reiner$50 Coupon

2nd place winner - Laurie Andrews - $100 Coupon

1st place winner - FEIRUIER - $200 Coupon

We sincerely congratulate all winners and thank you for beautiful photos that you’ve sent for our summer contest.

We appreciate your fondness of doll hobby and our creations; we’re glad that our works adorn your dolls and please you day by day. In this regard, we want to give a present to all the contestants that didn’t get top places – 10% discount coupon for the first new order.

The info about all the coupons will be e-mailed to the contestants.

We’d like to remind you the rules of using the coupons you’d receive:

Coupons can't be exchanged for money. They can only be spent when you order products from our site. Coupons must be used before AUGUST 31st 2016.

Soon, there will be the gallery with photos from our clients on our web-site. Some photos from the participants of the latest contest will also be placed there.

Thank you for your participation! See you in our blog.

Amadiz Studio

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