Lovely braided hairstyle for your doll. Natural flowers included.


Material: high-quality natural angora hair
Colors on photo: 

Please write in the comment to the order the name of the company and a name of your doll's sculpt, so that we can make the wig, which will be ideal for your doll.

This wig is a pre-order.
The processing time is about 3 months.
Please be aware that there could be some changes to the schedule.

All wigs are customized products. Once payment is made it is impossible to cancel. So please order it carefully.

Ballet Love

    1. We use for our wigs high-quality handmade wefts (hair pieces) of natural materials or heat-resistant fiber.
    2. All hairstyles are permanently fixed. Flowers are removable.
    3. The wig has a white color soft cap with an elastic band, that's why you don't need to use a silicone cap.
    4. Our wigs are versatile; they are suitable for many dolls with similar head sizes.
    5. Our wigs don't dye the heads of your dolls.
    6. All wigs are 100% handmade special for you.
    7. Each wig is handmade; there may be some differences in the color or in the details of the actual products to the photographs. We ask for your understanding in this matter.