Doll's Name: Minou

Body Type Options:

- Girl Body

- Boy Body


The order includes


  • Assembled Body (with Cutie Hands Parts and Flat Feet). Sanding is included, all doll without seems.
  • Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity


Additional options:


  • Skin Color (Milky, Bisque, Peach Cream, Chocolate)
  • Option Parts (Ballet Feet and Ballet Hands)
  • Sleeping Head
  • Face Up & Body Blushing


Processing time is about 6-8 months.


  • We want to warn you that:

    • it's not a toy for children. Age limit 16+.
    • you should take into consideration that if a doll is exposed to light for a long time, a skin color can turn yellow, so please avoid any kind of light. For the same reason you should keep the doll away from heat sources. We don't offer exchange or refund due to this reason.
    • Non-defects of a artist doll are:

    - possible scratch marks from sanding (stitches removal, funnels)

    - small bubbles and dents on areas not usually exposed within normal range of motion (not exposed parts of ball-joints, inner walls, inside of the head)

    - insignificant wrinkles to 1.5 millimeters deep

    - dust particles that are not visible to the naked eye

    - stitches if sanding wasn’t ordered

    - unbalanced color after stitches removal on taned dolls (stay alert when you order sanding for the dark resin!)

    - little dark or light dots that have no affects on the doll’s appearance

    - thin walls that are transparent near the eye-pits.


    We don't offer exchange or refund due to this reason. All these nuances have no influences on the exploitation of the designer’s doll and its game qualities.

    To get more information about the Terms & Policy, please, use this link - Terms & Policy


    When ordering, you confirm that you know the following information:

    1. All dolls are customized products so once a payment is made, you can’t cancel the order. Once an order is confirmed, we cannot offer refund or exchange.
    2. Dolls are provided without face-up and body blushing, and if you want face up, please select options.
    3. We offer same face-up like at the promo-photos, but it can be a little different due to the settings of your monitor and since all make up is done by hand.
    4. All dolls are sent assembled in standard boxes.
    5. It will take about 4-6 months to finish a doll after ordering. Holidays and weekends are excluded from the production time. If you order during event, you should take into consideration that it can take more time. If you choose outfit or accessories, you should take into consideration that it can take more time.
    6. It is no necessary to calculate the shipping price. The price of EMS worldwide shipping is a fixed sum.
    7. All accompanying papers (a manual to a doll and a certificate of authenticity) will be added to the standard box to a doll.