Girl Body

We present new girl body with 20 points of articulation enable wide range of poses and

have the graceful anatomy with smooth and attractive lines.
The design of the ball-joints allows the lithe body not only to take beautiful natural poses, but good hold them.

Body Measurements

Height: 35.5 cm
Weight: 360 g
Head circumference: 12 cm (4-5 inch)
Neck girth: 6.5 cm
Shoulder width: 8 cm
Chest girth: 16 cm
Waist girth: 12 cm
Hip girth: 17 cm
Waist to toe length: 23 cm

Arm length: 16 cm
Upper arm girth: 4.5 cm
Wrist girth: 3.8 cm
Hand lenght: 3.8 cm

Leg length: 20 cm
Thigh girth: 10 cm
Lower leg girth: 6.5 cm
Ankle girth: 4.5 cm

Flat foot length: 4.5 cm
Ballet foot lenght: 5 cm
Highheel foot hight: 3.5 cm
Foot width: 1.8 cm

Eyes: 6-8mm

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