Amadiz Beauty is an online-boutique where artist dolls and luxury items for them are being sold. We produce ball-jointed dolls, high-class wigs, clothes and accessories; our goal is to make the world more beautiful together with our customers and their dolls.

This company has grown from a family hobby. The founders of Amadiz Beauty are Kate and George Ramensky, a married couple with the same passion to BJD and with bright vivid fantasy.


About the headway:

We - Kate and George Ramensky - know each other for many years, from the early childhood. In our school years, we were united by friendship and common interests; we’ve always liked the same hobby. As a result, when we grew up and got married, the situation with common hobbies has not changed. Just a few years ago, we learned about such a hobby as BJD having appeared in our country, and we got interested in this issue.

When we bought our first doll, we asked ourselves - what should we dress on it, and where should we get some accessories for it? We were not familiar with overseas markets with products for dolls at that time, and we saw one best option for us in that situation – that we should begin to do everything for our dolls by our own hands. This process was quite fun. Like as children, we still like to have common interests together. As a result, we started to do things and wigs for our dolls cause it was our new hobby. We always had a lot of creative ideas, and it turned very exciting to put in creative ideas into dolls. We started to spread our pictures in BJD communities. And soon there were people who asked questions about whether we can make the same things to their dolls. So, gradually, we found a new type of activity – i.e. the production of beautiful things for BJD, such elegant things, as we see them in our imagination. It is a very interesting process. And it is twice the pleasure to do it as a couple. Nowadays our company has 6 employees.

We continue to expand our business, bringing together under our brand several talented people with the same passion for the world of beauty and BJD.